Surf's Up in Paris 2024: Organizers Pledge Commitment to Teahupo'o Surf Event at the Olympic Games

"Paris 2024: Commitment to Teahupo'o Amidst Environmental Concerns

Despite growing environmental concerns raised by locals in Tahiti, Paris 2024 organizers affirm their unwavering commitment to hosting the Olympic surfing event at the iconic Teahupo'o site. Situated 9,500 miles from Paris, Teahupo'o boasts a reputation as one of the world's premier surfing waves. However, residents express worries about the potential environmental impact, particularly citing the construction of a proposed aluminium tower that could harm the coral reef.

In response to the concerns, Paris 2024 organizers assured BBC Sport, stating, "Our ambition has remained unchanged. We are studying every possible scenario to enable the surfing competitions to take place on this site, which we want to preserve, respect, and enhance for the Games." Teahupo'o, a spot revered by top surfers for its exhilarating and unique challenges, has hosted numerous events on the professional World Surf League's championship tour.

The proposed installation of a larger aluminium tower for the Olympics has sparked opposition, with an online petition garnering nearly 150,000 signatures. Concerns extend beyond the impact on the reef, as objectors argue that drilling for the platform and the installation of underwater pipelines could jeopardize the marine ecosystem and the wave itself.

Reports suggest that French Polynesia president Moetai Brotherson has proposed relocating the event from Teahupo'o to Taharuu on Tahiti's West coast. Paris 2024 organizers emphasize ongoing efforts to find the best solution collaboratively with the Polynesian government, with a commitment to ensuring a top-level sporting competition on the globally renowned wave while respecting the environment.

The organizers state, 'Where the Games adapt to Teahupo'o and not the other way round, and to showcase the mythical Teahupo'o wave to the world and ensure that the Games are a success for Tahiti and its people.' Discussions and further studies will continue in the coming weeks, leading up to the scheduled Paris 2024 surf event on July 27-30 next year."

"In conclusion, the commitment of Paris 2024 organizers to host the Olympic surfing event at Teahupo'o persists despite mounting environmental concerns from locals in Tahiti. The clash between the desire for a world-class competition on the renowned wave and the imperative to preserve the delicate ecosystem has sparked discussions and opposition. Paris 2024 organizers emphasize their ongoing efforts to explore all possible scenarios collaboratively with the Polynesian government, aiming for an adaptation of the Games to Teahupo'o while showcasing its unique wave to the world. As the debates unfold, the ultimate goal remains a successful and environmentally conscious event that respects the extraordinary natural beauty of Tahiti and its people. Further discussions and studies are on the horizon, leading up to the scheduled Paris 2024 surf event from July 27-30 next year."