November's TV Delights: From The Crown to Doctor Who, 12 Must-Watch Shows

"November TV Highlights: Caryn James' Top Picks, from The Crown Finale to Lawmen: Bass Reeves"

Caryn James curates a list of November's TV gems, featuring a mix of highly anticipated series and intriguing newcomers.

All the Light We Cannot See

This adaptation of Anthony Doerr's bestselling novel explores the gripping tale of Marie-Laure, a young blind woman in the French Resistance, and Werner, a German soldier captivated by her radio broadcasts. Despite mixed reviews at the Toronto Film Festival, the series boasts an appealing cast, with newcomer Aria Mia Loberti receiving praise for her radiant portrayal of Marie-Laure. Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie add depth to the cast, promising a blend of World War Two intrigue, family emotion, and a story that captivated readers. Premieres on Netflix internationally on 2 November.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Executive producer Taylor Sheridan expands his Western saga empire with this anthology series, each season focusing on a different real-life hero. The inaugural season introduces David Oyelowo as US Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, a former slave who arrested over 3,000 men. Oyelowo, also a producer, brings to life Reeves' journey from enslaved Confederate fighter to one of the first black US Marshals. The series offers a fresh perspective on American history, viewed through the eyes of one man and his family. Featuring a stellar cast, including Donald Sutherland and Garrett Hedlund, Lawmen: Bass Reeves premieres on Paramount+ on 5 November.

The Buccaneers

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As November unfolds, these TV offerings promise a diverse range of genres and stories, ensuring there's something for every viewer's taste. Whether bidding farewell to The Crown or embarking on the frontier with Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the month is filled with captivating narratives and stellar performances.

"TV Treasures in November: The Buccaneers, For All Mankind, and More!"

Prepare for a November TV extravaganza with a lineup that spans historical romance, alternate space history, and mysterious curses.

The Buccaneers

Transporting viewers to the 1870s but resonating with a contemporary vibe, The Buccaneers, inspired by Edith Wharton's unfinished novel, unfolds with a soundtrack of pop music and bridesmaids indulging in champagne. The storyline follows young American women seeking aristocratic husbands in England, where the allure of their newfound wealth captivates cash-strapped aristocratic families. Led by the guileless Nan St George (Kristine Froseth), the series navigates the clash of cultures, scheming, romances, and a plethora of period costumes. Christina Hendricks portrays Nan's mother, attempting to guide her daughters through a world she herself struggles to understand. Premiering on Apple TV+ internationally on 8 November, The Buccaneers promises a captivating blend of money, love, and aristocratic intrigue.

For All Mankind

Embark on an alternate history journey through three seasons of space exploration drama, as For All Mankind returns for a fourth installment. Set in 2003, the series imagines an international colony on Mars, exploring the complexities of life in space, family dynamics on Earth, and the societal implications of the space race. Joel Kinnaman reprises his role as the bold astronaut Ed Baldwin, navigating claustrophobic space stations, vast Martian landscapes, and political intrigue. With the backdrop of private companies launching rockets, the show remains a timely exploration of ambition and its costs. Catch the premiere on Apple TV+ internationally on 10 November.

As the month unfolds, these TV gems promise a captivating blend of historical charm, space-age drama, and mysterious curses. Whether indulging in the opulence of The Buccaneers or exploring the cosmos with For All Mankind, November's television offerings promise to be a treat for diverse tastes.

"TV Marvels to Unveil in November: The Curse, A Murder at the End of the World, and The Crown's Grand Return"

Prepare for a November TV spectacle featuring a mind-bending satire, a high-tech Agatha Christie drama, and the grand return of a regal favorite.

The Curse

Nathan Fielder, the creative mind behind The Rehearsal, and indie director Benny Safdie (Uncut Gems) join forces with Emma Stone in a one-of-a-kind satire. The series follows Asher and Whitney (played by Stone and Fielder), a married couple leading a home-improvement show in Espanola, New Mexico. Balancing their town-fixing endeavors with personal fertility challenges, the couple faces a self-absorbed producer, played by Safdie. When a young girl places a curse on Asher, the narrative catapults into the realm of the absurd, questioning the inherent absurdity of life. Barkhad Abdi adds depth as the girl's father, while Stone delivers another audacious performance as the funny, multi-layered Whitney. Premiering on 10 November on Paramount+, The Curse promises a blend of satire, do-goodism, and cultural clashes.

A Murder at the End of the World

In this smart and atmospheric drama, Emma Corrin (The Crown's younger Diana) takes on the role of Darby, a renowned hacker and amateur detective. Invited by tech billionaire Andy (Clive Owen) to an isolated retreat in Iceland, Darby finds herself entangled in a murder mystery that blends high-tech intrigue with classic whodunit vibes. Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, the masterminds behind The OA and The East, the series promises to captivate with flashbacks to the desert and a chilling present-day narrative. With death following Darby wherever she goes, A Murder at the End of the World premieres on 14 November on Hulu.

As the curtain rises on these November delights, television enthusiasts can anticipate an array of genres and narratives, from satirical absurdity to high-tech murder mysteries and the highly anticipated return of The Crown. November promises to be a month of thrilling television experiences.

"November's Royal Farewell: The Crown's Last Bow and Monarch's Monster Legacy"

As November unfolds, television enthusiasts are in for a treat with the concluding chapter of The Crown and the monstrous intrigue of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

The Crown

It's the end of an era, as The Crown, the fictional exploration of life within the British Royal Family, embarks on its final season. Broken into two parts, the initial four installments pick up in 1997 after the divorce of Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki). The narrative concludes with the heartbreaking events of Diana's death and funeral. Creator Peter Morgan dispels rumors of Diana appearing as a ghost but promises imaginative scenes where she interacts with Charles and Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton). The subsequent six episodes, arriving in December, journey through 2005, featuring the Queen's Golden Jubilee and the marriage of Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (Olivia Williams). While William, Kate, and Harry are characters, their marriages remain in the un-Crowned future. The Crown's final season premieres on 16 November on Netflix internationally.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

In a departure from regal affairs, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters introduces a world where monsters are not just metaphors but tangible Godzilla-type creatures. Set in the Monsterverse franchise, the series follows Cate Randa (Anna Sawai) and her brother Kentaro (Ren Watabe) as they navigate all-out action, conspiracies, and a quest to uncover their family's connection to the secret government organization Monarch. The series boasts a star-studded cast, with Anders Holm and John Goodman portraying younger and older versions of the siblings' grandfather. The delightful stunt casting includes Kurt Russell as Lee Shaw, a former army officer, and his real-life son, Wyatt Russell, playing the younger Shaw in 1950s scenes. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters premieres on 17 November on Apple TV+ internationally.

As the final chapters of The Crown unfold and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters unleashes a world of colossal creatures, November promises a diverse array of television delights for audiences worldwide.

"Fargo's Enigmatic Pursuit and Squid Game's Non-Lethal Challenge: November TV Anticipation"

November ushers in a feast for TV enthusiasts with the return of the Fargo franchise and a real-life Squid Game Challenge that's bound to baffle and captivate.


Noah Hawley's Fargo continues its tradition of weaving distinctive crime tales with a nod to the Coen brothers' original movie. Set in 2019, this season introduces Juno Temple as Dot Lyon, an ostensibly ordinary wife and mother in suburban Minnesota. However, a harrowing self-defense incident during an attempted kidnapping hints at a darker, killer past. Jon Hamm takes the stage as Sheriff Roy Tillman, an over-the-top character embodying sexism and religious zealotry. In pursuit of Dot, the series ventures into delirious turns, exploring the rich dynamics of a Midwestern town. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Dot's disapproving mother-in-law, and Joe Keery (Stranger Things) takes on the role of Tillman's son and deputy sheriff, Gator. Fargo's eccentric saga premieres on 21 November on Hulu.

Squid Game: The Challenge

In a voyeuristic echo of the original Squid Game, Squid Game: The Challenge takes the concept to a new level with an actual contest devoid of lethal consequences. Drawing contestants from the US, UK, and other countries, this series mirrors the high-stakes games of its predecessor, offering a $4.56 million prize. Recognizable elements like the guards in pink jumpsuits and the eerie animatronic doll controlling the Red Light, Green Light game add a familiar touch. With a new twist allowing contestants to be voted out Survivor-style, the series unfolds with intrigue. Shot at Cardington Studios in the UK, the show has already stirred controversy, with contestants citing harsh conditions. Despite complaints, Netflix ensures that precautions were in place and that no serious injuries occurred. Squid Game: The Challenge premieres on 22 November on Netflix internationally.

As November unfolds, television aficionados can anticipate a captivating mix of crime, suspense, and real-life challenges, making it a month to look forward to.

"Cary Grant's Enigmatic Journey and Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary Spectacle: November TV Extravaganza"

November brings a splendid array of television delights, from the captivating biopic Archie to the much-anticipated 60th-anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who.


Jason Isaacs steps into the shoes of Hollywood's Golden Age heartthrob, Cary Grant, in this four-part biopic exploring the life of Archibald Leach. Unveiling the enigma behind the iconic name bestowed upon him by a movie studio, the series spans 1961 and delves into Grant's impoverished childhood in Bristol, which writer Jeff Pope deems "the key to everything" in his future. Younger actors portray Archie in his formative years, offering a glimpse into the makings of the Hollywood legend. Harriet Walter takes on the role of Grant's mother, and with executive producers Dyan Cannon and Jennifer Grant, the series promises an intimate portrayal of the charismatic actor. Jason Isaacs, known for his diverse roles, undergoes a remarkable transformation, employing prosthetics and architectural aids to capture Grant's timeless allure. Archie premieres on 23 November on ITVX in the UK and in December on Britbox in the US.

Doctor Who

The iconic time-traveling adventures of Doctor Who celebrate their 60th anniversary, and the anticipation for the anniversary specials is at its peak. David Tennant returns for all three specials, not reprising his role as the 10th Doctor but regenerated as the new, 15th Doctor. Catherine Tate joins him, reprising her role as Donna Noble, and Neil Patrick Harris adds a twist as the villainous Toymaker. Spearheaded by Russell T Davies, the showrunner who revitalized the series in the 2005-10 seasons, the specials are described by Tennant as "unlike any Doctor Who episode ever," with Davies unleashed in his creativity. The first special, The Star Beast, arrives in November, followed by two more in December, leading to the introduction of the next series and Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education). Doctor Who premieres on 25 November on BBC in the UK and Ireland and on Disney+ internationally.

As the curtain rises on the captivating journey of Cary Grant in Archie and the unparalleled anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who, November promises a blend of nostalgia, drama, and time-traveling adventures for television enthusiasts worldwide.

As the curtain falls on November, television enthusiasts are treated to a diverse array of captivating stories and celebrations. From Jason Isaacs' portrayal of Hollywood legend Cary Grant in the biopic Archie to the grand spectacle of Doctor Who's 60th-anniversary specials, the month promises a journey through history, enigma, and time itself. Whether reliving the Golden Age of Hollywood or embarking on intergalactic adventures with the Doctor, November's TV offerings provide a rich tapestry of entertainment for audiences around the world. With captivating performances, intriguing narratives, and the spirit of celebration, these shows usher in the holiday season with a delightful mix of drama, nostalgia, and excitement. As the screens light up with iconic characters and timeless tales, November proves to be a month to savor for television aficionados everywhere.